Our In-Office Therapy Dog in Findlay, OH

Meet our therapy dog, Ophelia! Also known as Opie, our new, fluffy, in-office French Bulldog is here to bring comfort to patients of all ages. Our gentle furry friend loves to keep patients company in the dentist’s chair to promote a calm, pleasant dental experience.

Ophelia, in-office therapy dog in Findlay, OHAt Anderson Dental, we understand dental visits aren’t always easy — that’s why we’re happy to take extra care to keep our patients comfortable, with gentle dentists, a caring team, and a selection of sedation dentistry services. Now, with the introduction of Opie, we’re confident every patient will find the comfort they need at our Findlay, OH dental office.

Therapy dogs at the dentist’s office are known to help reduce stress, minimize the sensation of pain, and promote a better overall experience. Opie looks forward to meeting you at your next dental visit!

Want to make sure our therapy dog can keep you company at your next appointment? Let us know! For patients of any age and any level of dental anxiety, our team will be happy to help coordinate the support you need. Call today to schedule your visit with Opie!

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